Welcome to the Dallas School of Neuroscience & Sleep Medicine

Dedicated towards increasing competencies and awareness of sleep and neurosciences

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We organize symposia, lectures and training on Neurosciences & Sleep Medicine.

The Dallas School of Neuroscience & Sleep Medicine has conducted trainings and programs geared towards helping healthcare stakeholders manage and deal with the various aspects of sleep and neurology.

Sleep Technologists Training

This is a two month program that includes 30 hours of lecture presentations and one month of practical work.

Neuroscience Update Symposia

This one-day conference is designed to update the busy Primary Care Provider on new developments in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to evaluate patients with the respective neurological conditions and make decisions on management or when to seek specialty consultation.

Customized Training Programs for Sleep Labs and Other Facilities

Dallas School and Neuroscience and Sleep Medicine also develops customized training programs in relation to Neurology and Sleep Medicine